On January 1/11/ 19 the Mayor signed off on new legislation titled “Equal Business Opportunity Program”. This was the result of an effort spearheaded by the NAACP Economic Development Committee beginning in early 2017 to shed light on years of passive discrimination against minority owned businesses trying to get contracts with Metro Government. The Committee found that African-American owned businesses received only 2.88% of total Metro contract expenditures from 2012-2016 and presented their findings to the Metro Council and Mayor’s Office in June of 2017.


Metro Government then commissioned a ‘Disparity Study” to be done to verify the committee’s findings and thereby have legal grounds on which to base the new legislation that institutes both race and gender conscious goals based on availability. In short, this is a new day for MWBE’s wanting to do business with Metro. If you have a business and want an opportunity to bid on a contract, please call the Metro Procurement Office at 615-862-6180 and get registered to do business with them.

The NAACP Economic Development Committee will continue to monitor the Metro Procurement process and promote the growth and expansion of Minority owned businesses in the Metro area. Our goal is to advance diversity, fairness and equity as it relates to employment, wealth and lending in the business community.

Please  find below a link to the new legislation: