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NAACP Nashville Remembers Daniel Hambrick Shooting One Year Later

We are upon the 1 year anniversary of the shooting of a young man in a North Nashville neighborhood. One year ago yesterday July 26, 2018, 25-year-old Daniel Hambrick, was slain by officer Andrew Delke near 17th Avenue and Jo Johnston Avenue. There were many protests, cries for a fair investigation, the use of body cameras by police, and a call for accountability of MNPD officers. Video footage was later released that showed officer Delke, who was chasing Hambrick on foot use deadly force, shooting him in the back. Officer Delke was eventually charged with criminal homicide. Grassroots coalition Community Oversight Now Nashville was born with a mission to establish a Community Oversight Board composed of 11 members who would have the power to investigate allegations of misconduct by MNPD officers against members of the public. Over 4,000 Nashville voters signed petitions and voted for a Community Oversight Board. Today, NAACP Nashville not only takes this time to reflect on the memory of Mr. Hambrick, we also recognize that there is still much work to be done. We must continue to support the family and friends of Mr. Daniel Hambrick. We must continue to support Community Oversight Now and the power of a Community Oversight Board in Nashville. Lastly, it is our responsibility to not forget what happened one year ago and continue to fight for justice and equality for members of the Nashville community.


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