We need dedicated individuals to join the NAACP Nashville Branch as Committee Chairs!


Seeks to eliminate segregation and other discriminatory practices in public education, study local educational conditions affecting minority groups, investigate the public school system and school zoning.

Freedom Fund

Studies the financial needs of the Unit and is responsible for drafting an adequate annual budget. Plan and conduct fund-raising activities, entertainment, and other projects for local and national purposes within the scope of the Association’s program.

Prison Branch

The Prison Branch Support Committee is responsible for supporting the work of the Prison Branch by working closely and directly with the members of their respective Prison Branch and the Regional Prison Coordinator; maintain contacts with and report regularly to the Regional Coordinators; build, cultivate, and maintain positive relationships between prison officials; solicit community organizations and business to establish a volunteer bank (teachers, writers, poets, businessmen, ministers, lawyers, policemen, judges, politicians and media personnel.

Young Adult

Consists of branch members age twenty-one (21)-forty (40). The Young Adult Committee supports all branch activities; stimulate interest through advocacy training and solicit memberships of persons twenty-one to forty years of age; create a mentorship program (Branch to Young Adults and Young Adults to Youth Units) to serve as a support bridge from the Youth and College to Branch participation; provide networking and social opportunities for young adults in the local community; encourage participation of young adults in all activities and leadership within the Branch.

Youth Works

The Youth Works Committee is responsible for developing and coordinating the programs of the Branch’s Youth Units. This committee consists of Youth Unit Advisor(s), Youth Unit Presidents in the same community and (5) persons appointed by the Nashville Branch President.